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Easy to play yet challenging

Excellent game. I should be working out right now but I can’t pull myself away from this game.

Good Developers! No greed in their green heart!

I had the PC version for many many years. Not sure why it took me this long to get it here... shrug. Why I love it? Because THE GAME IS FULL FEATURED WITHOUT INAPP PURCHASES!!!! The way games should be! Love you guys, and I hope you’re future works follow this method!

Amazing Game!

I absolutely love it and can not stop playing!

Omg yes

I remember illegally downloading this game like 8 years ago on some cheap website it is so amazing to see it and I even told my old buddy’s about it and you now have 3 new fans love this game and can’t wait to see what you bring to the table

Very fun but also VERY frustrating.

I do keep coming back and trying again with this game, and it is admittedly addicting, but it’s also way too frustrating. It’s way too hard to figure out what development strategies work with any given game, whether you’ve done dozens of game reports on your previous games or not. Even when I’ve made highly-rated and very successful games, I was basically just guessing. I’ve been a serious gamer for years, so I tried using what I know I like in games and what I’d like to see focused on as a measure of what I should focus on, and that also seems to be a 50/50 guess at best. Given how fast the gametime moves, I don’t have enough time to really learn from any previous mistakes and/or successes, even if the game reports taught me those things, which they do not. It seems like unless I write down what the game reports say on my own, they’re pretty useless. Even when I see “+++” or “- - ?” under Graphics, or A.I., it doesn’t seem to have any effect on whether I full boost that or not, or put it on zero or not. Also, on any given phase of the three, it seems like even when I have the bar set all the way down, it will still show on the right side that 50% is being spent on that focus. It’s just way too frustrating never knowing what may work or not, even with all previous hints saved onto new games.

Great Game to pass the time!

I have played this game for about 2 days now and every time I play it I get better and better. The game provides so much intriguing things to unlock and everything is just overall great. There is not much more to be said but if you think you should buy the game, I highly advise you to do so!!

Great game

The only real draw back is the curve of difficulty getting started. The game should start easy and gradually get harder not start hard. Big fan though.

The BEST tycoon/business games ever!!

By far my favorite app!! I can come back to this game anytime and thoroughly enjoy playing this game! Challenging but extremely fun and satisfying when u make a hit game that changes ur company forever! I’ve on this on pc and iPhone! Worth every penny and probably more! If this game was 30 bucks I’d prolly still buy it! No exaggeration!

Love it! A couple recommendations

Amazing! I like to keep myself up to date with new games so every week I download several (maybe 10-20) and usually end up deleting them all. Very rarely will I purchase one, and if I do, I don’t want it to have in app purchases. That, and The fact that I’m a sucker for a good simulation, I was definitely pleased from the get go. That was one of the selling points for purchasing, that there were no in app purchases. I bought this game on a whim, and I was not disappointed! I loved it immediately and have been glued to my screen! It’s so cool all the different choices you have while making games, and the upgrades for your game are a lot of fun. It’s definitely a lot at first, especially to learn at a very quick pace. After 2 bankruptcies I finally kept up on my third try. I do wish it lasted a smidge longer, I think you could have taken it a bit slower. I bought it last night and it only took me 24 hours (maybe 2-3 hours all together) to beat it. I would like the option to take it a bit slower. Before I can make the game, the trending items go away. If I’m in the middle of making a game, the “unforeseen bugs” don’t get fixed and I lose fans. It’s just a little too fast. Other recommendation is to differentiate the category’s for everything better. And the ability to tell whether something has been selected, as it’s very subtle right now. Can you put the options that will cancel each other out (basic movement, advanced movement, lifelike movement) in a row? Idk just maybe organize em a little more. Colors. Stuff. Thanks so much for the great game. Definitely my go to right now!

Amazing but some suggestions...

I love the game. I have had a lot of fun but I do not make enough money form the games I make. For example I will put 10 months in making a game that will only get me 19k and by then I will be bankrupt. I have replayed the game 4 times and made almost no progress at all

Great game only issue

The only issue is that the day after I bought it, it no longer will let me play. I click the app the load screen pops up goes black then poof back on my home screen.


A perfect piece of art, it just needs updates and a sandbox mode

This is EPIC

I first played this on my crappy old laptop I didn’t get into it but when I played it on better newer iPad I loved it.

Love the game

Game is worth its pay and is very conscious about customer satisfaction. They tried hard on this game, guys, might as well give it a try, I know the 4.9 Stars aren’t lying

Fantastic concept just needs some depth

I’ve played this game almost hundreds of times all the way through. It’s a great way to kill some time. But it’s unfortunately very two dimensional. There isn’t a lot of strategy to it. It’s very much about luck. If you liked the steam version it’s perfect. If you want a tycoon game that’s mindless this is great. If you’re looking for something that takes some strategy? This could be it. It just needs some work.


I’ve been playing this game for years now and it never gets old. It’s challenging, fun, and interesting in many ways!

Great game

I have played it through 8 times so far and love it. No issues found. Would love for a new version!!

I bought this twice

I backed up this game ages ago and bought it again for the Ipad now, what a wonderful surprise I got when I started playing it on the iPad it is a perfect match the game almost seems made from the ground up for a tablet.


Not a bad game but definitely not worth 5$ (played all the way through twice in one day)

Great game however

Please add support for iOS 12. The app keeps crashing and won’t load.

It’s really fun once you get the gist of this

This games really fun!


Very good game once you finish you can start over and try to beat your score And makes time go fast One suggestion could you add the game boy color?


This game has impressed me beyond everything I though it would be

Save Not Working

This game used to be one of my favorites, but ever since having multiple saved games, I cannot get new games to save correctly. It seems to be in the level where you get 6 employees that the save feature craps out. If I try to load the auto save, it loads a game from months ago, and if I try a manual save and then load, the game reverts to years earlier in a different office. It has gotten unplayable, which is sad because I loved this game.

Its fun

Like the reviews I get 😂😂😂😂

Awesome game

This game is so good I can’t stop playing it, The game is very addicting, anyone that doesn’t like this game, they are not human, if they rate it bad, Are You A Robot test comes up. All I am trying to say is this game is awesome, also I would never have found this game if I didn’t want to make a game making company, please make more games like this. Bye Bye. Lucas smith

So interactive

This is a rare tycoon game where everything is up to you. You change the outcome and it’s not just a idle game. I fricken love how a rating is generated based on the combination of topic/genre and the importance of this compared to that. It feels real and it in a way is real.

Unique and a blast

It never siesess to entertain me and my friends. There is unique gameplay, and your imagination goes wild when making a game


This is the best mobile game yet

Played years ago and still fun

Played this game years ago on Steam, and it’s just as fun as before. It has some updates as well and the Help section is a good tool. Worth $5 to purchase game, and I haven’t seen any ads so far.

Great But...

I really have enjoyed this game. Some of the things I wish they would address would be in the engine development part. It doesn’t seem very well thought out and there is no way to compare old engines to the new one you develop. Needs more info on what’s going on. The timeline is pretty standard and if you have a general understanding of video game history you know what systems will work and which ones will fail, like The sega or commodore systems. Honestly it kinda gets repetitive with not much of a story or change to history. Though unlikely random events would be nice. It’s worth the money if your wanting to spend if not hopefully developers learn from their first game for their next. Really like the concept and how it’s put together.

This game is amazing

I love that this game is on phone and only for 3 dollars because this game is amazing

So addictive

I don’t normally play tycoon games, but this one has me playing for hours!

Right on the money

Greenheart Games really really chose the right subject for a game—then absolutely nailed the design. Game Dev Tycoon is a tycoon, and I love tycoons. Except this stood out from the others. Game Dev Tycoon has good cartoon graphics, no ads (or in app purchases at all), no hanging or big glitches, and lots of other things. This is Greenheart’s first game. Like said in the game—I really wonder what they will deliver next. I have no idea why it isn't an editor's choice. In my opinion, if this game was a restaurant, it would be Michillin. I hope Greenheart continues to deliver updates for their amazing game. Thank you so much Greenheart Games for making this amazing game. Anyone who plays your first game will instantly become addicted. Thank you for reading this. If Greenheart reads this, please stay awesome.

Awesome Game

Fun, easy to understand, yet still challenging.

Complete master peice

This game deserves everyones respect. As a first game, this is pretty awesome. I love the fun relaxing properties that this game manifests. I would love to see more amazing games by them and would highly recommend this to everyone who has any love for games at all and if my review isn’t enough check one of the other awesome reviews. Thank you for reading this and have a wonderful day.

Worth the money

I like that you can go bankrupt and other things can go bankrupt! Also you can get better security


The Money Is WORTH IT

Best App Game I’ve Purchased

I usually don’t find myself playing games on my phone for longer than an hour, and even then it’s only when I have nothing else to do. This game however I cannot put down. You can tell the developers worked hard and researched their material. It doesn’t feel like something someone just tried, it feels like something they accomplished. It’s truly a wonderful game.

Love this game so much

I really hope this game is still actively getting new content, It’s so amazing. Only issue I have is it crashes on launch sometimes on my iPhone 8+

Love it

It’s a simple and easy to use game that can be used by everyone. It’s fun just a really great game. :)

So fun

I love it!!!

Good game

Love it

Great game

Always wanted to try this game, had no idea it was on the App Store! Thank you for making this game about making game


I love this game. I’ve been playing it for days now. I love how all of the historic consoles are redeveloped and released! It’s so fun to come up with your own game and be able to see how it goes. Only one small problem, the game crashes on startup sometimes.

Crashes on iPhone X

I can’t even play it. It crashes before it loads.

Fun but one thing

Idk if it’s intentional but if you completely remove 3 parts from a game you can be lucky and make a seller

First on PC, now on iOS

I first played this game on the PC a couple of years ago. I remember loving the tycoon aspect of the game and wanted a mobile version to be released. Here it is, and it lived up to my expectations. It transferred seamlessly from the computer to the phone, and it is still a great experience playing it. Highly recommend for all gamers!

Very well made!

Lots of thought in every aspect with all sorts of variety.

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