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Great So Far

Just getting into it, but this is exactly the tycoon NOT IDLE game I’ve been looking for.


So, I bought this game this morning and I’ve already moved out of my garage. I can’t stop playing it! This game is great and I love it. (I actually already went bankrupt once). There is just one annoying bug I seem to run into. Most times, when a card drops down in the bottom left corner, it becomes unclickable and I spend a minute just trying to click on it. Anyways, great game and I expect it to get better! -MCMax49 (Never fall for a Nigerian Prince)

Buggy, but Still Fantastic

I bought this game on the pc a couple years ago and the second I heard it was on iPad I snapped it up in a heartbeat. I’ve played this game for hours on pc, and maybe three on iPad, and I’ve noticed more bugs on iPad than there ever seemed to be on pc but that’s to be expected. Small Bugs: -Sometimes game report notifications won’t open no matter where you tap the icon. -Some crashes on startup every once in a while. Other than that, truly wonderful game and a fantastic port, UI works very well other than the above mentioned issue.


this game is so much fun I’ve been playing it all day at first I was bad and went bankrupt but now I have just made it over 1m the game I made got a 9/10 review and made soooo much money. This game is so much fun.


Addicting once you get into it



Best Mobile Game

This game has brought so much happiness to me for the longest times it showed me a simulation of what it would look like to have a game company.So thank you for making a beautiful game like this so keep up with the good work looking forward for you guys future

Keeps force closing

I love the game but every time I open it, during the initial loading screen, it just force closes to my iPhone's home screen two to three times before it will let me in. This is on iPhone X.

Pls add

Hey it’s me again.😁 I have only one problem well it’s kinda a request but can pls add more story. other wise it’s a GREAT game! Thx!😁

Just read

This game is tough at first but once you know what your doing it makes things so much easier and it’s also realistic in the beginning you have no clue but as you make more things your games will get better overall


This game is a awesome game if you want to make your dream games. Also you should expect the unexpected.

Gosh Darn Great

Wow. I can’t help but love this game. Just amazing. And as a bonus, I only have minor nitpicks! It does get a bit boring after a while. It can get a bit repetitive. I wish you could port games. That would be cool! It could stand a few more consoles, like a 3GS or something. When creating my own consoles, it lacks good design choices. I also wish I could make handheld consoles. And maybe you could be a bit more nit-picky with consoles? Y’know like if it plays cartridge or if it has 64-bit processors or 32-bit graphics. But still, this is an AMAZING game!


I love this game. It’s so awsome

Won’t launch

I really love this game. And y’all are great indie developers. But I can not launch the game. Every time I try it either crashes or never gets off the loading screen. Please fix or help.

Star Games

My new favorite! 1. I almost never buy games 2. I never bother with reviews I love the game and it was definitely worth the $5 but I do have a few suggestions 1. Make the 2 play through totally different topics and liking of certain topics so you don’t always have everything down with what’s good and bad any you can’t make amazing games every time. 2. Make new consoles that don’t exist yes just to expand the time of playability before you restart. 3. Make research points more easy to get or less important. 4. Make employees like have personalities and make cutscenes for when you fire them. 5. There should be a panic button. So like when this game absolutely needs to go well you hit the panic button and make it a 50% chance it’s being a better game and a 50% chance it’s a worse game. But these are just suggestions and I love the game you guys did a great job.

An Unexpected Delightful Suprise

At first, I thought it’d be just be another regular tycoon, but when I started getting into it, I just see how wrong I was! This game gives me more feeling of freedom than other tycoons I played and gave me a sense of accomplishment whenever I had made a good game. I played for hours on end with this game alone and never regretted it. I would Normally never put a review on game, even if it was good, but this game deserves every praise it gets and deserves a review as well. May you have good futures ahead of you!

Love it!

This game is very good, but things are a bit "expensive”. It took me a month just to get to the office or even save up 500k. I ask for things 10% cheaper. (Or maybe add an easy mode or a 25 years option to make the game easier to beat) -"star games”

I love it. I was boring at first, then I got all 10s for my game “ Ci-Ty” Then I moved to a different place. I started to get addicted to it and I play it all day. I would rate this a 9 if I could


I love developing these new games and it really addicting


Great game. It has a lot of replayability and is very entertaining. One thing I would add: Play testers for your game, not knowing how many bugs there are in your game or just knowing about the bugs you encountered, huge patches and huge updates for the games you make, and starting a project over/ redoing a certain part of the game. Like R6 does with the graphics where they totally overhaul the characters and make them look better. I know there are patches in the game, but it’s random. The play testers would also help find bugs and give you a rough estimate of what the games rating will be, and if you should trash it, start over or re-do a certain part of the game you’re making, like stage 1,2, or 3. Of course it would be pricey to get play testers and messing with parts you’ve already made in the game, but it will be worth it if your play testers are right.

Amazing on Mobile

I have the desktop version but it’s still just as fun and a slightly a crisper experience.


This game is a masterpiece. Beautiful. Played it for days. (Those lines are in the game when your game gets good reviews.) Also, I laughed at how you can make the game in the game. Genius.

Good as a PC game, great as a mobile game

The gameplay for PC always felt a little shallow, and while I enjoy it thoroughly, I always felt it would work better as a mobile game. $5 may seem like a lot, but everything from the PC edition is here, and it runs buttery smooth. For a mobile game, this is in-depth and addictive, and worth every penny.

Worth the money

Amazing game. In love with it and can’t put it down.

Making games inside of games

A little less dialogue and it’s perfect

Addictive game developer fantasy

Not going to lie, this is the most fun I have had with app games for years. I really like the concept of “What if I started making games at the beginning of the video game revolution?”. It’s so good I have to wean myself from it to avoid permanently damaging my eyeballs. I’m going into graphic design and let me tell you, if you’re nostalgic about games like I am, you’re going to have fun with this one. Prepare to be 9 again.

Idea that I would love to see

I love the game and I would very much like to see a way were you can create cover art to a game!

Just as Good as PC

I already have the game on PC, but I wanted to take the game on the go. When I saw that Game Dev Tycoon was on mobile, I speculated whether I should get it or not since some mobile ports are terrible. However, with the style change in the UI and the same great gameplay, I can easily say that this port is just as good as the PC version. This is a must buy for any business management gamer.


First of all this game is really fun and I don’t see any thing wrong in this right now and I don’t see any bugs witch is good and I hope this game keeps improving on the way😁❤️

Love it

Game is great only thing I can see a change which I had a problem with, maybe implement a game title alert, I keep finding my self forgetting it

iOS and GameDev Tycoon are a great combination!

This is a great port of the PC game, which is often not the case for mobile ports. It’s a surprisingly simulator. You think you’ll play for just a few minutes, but there you are two hours later, still trying to get that sweet 10 rating from Game Informant for your werewolf simulator game.

Very unfair

I JUST LOST MY WHOLE GAME TO A $136,000 CHARGE!!! This is a very unfair feature and largely limits how far you can get in the game. I only developed 6 games and immediately lost. I don’t even know how you move from a garage to a office. There is nothing helping in the help menu. Please make the charges a little less. I can not get far at all because of that dumb feature. I don’t get why I waisted my money on this trash game. Please fix this,

Truly a hidden gem

I first played this game on my PC after stumbling across it on Steam. I fell in love immediately, playing it through twice in just a few days. When I heard that there was an updated version for iPhone, I found and downloaded it right away. This version is even longer than the one I played on PC a couple of years ago, and every bit as fun as it was. As someone that studies the history of the gaming industry for fun, this game gets me grinning. It’s simple to grasp, with tricks to learn as you go to maximize your games and profit, and plenty to try and balance as you get into the second half of the game. If you’re a fan of gaming, I highly recommend this one. It’s a steal for the price.

Pretty great so far

When I’m not doing actual game dev, I played this today. I guess that makes me a total nerd boi.

I would rate this a 4 1/2 if I could.

I wish this game could automatically save every 5-10 minutes. Mainly because I didn’t save my game and I accidentally swiped out completely of the tab and I had to start over... :(

Please make more games

Great game. Looking forward to seeing the next one.


This game is a solid 10/10 ign. I love this game and is quite cheap compared to the PC version, but it’s just... I wish I could instead of expansion packs, also be able to make DLC that makes endless money (people buying it) and maybe be able to make editions of games like premium edition and such. I would love if that was the case, also, make the game a bit easier at the beginning, as I found it quite difficult.


This is one of the best games i have ever played I will play this for hours everyday just one thing can make this game better.I think you should add I price system sort of like you can price your games like making them $60 or $20 but the more expensive they are the less people will buy them.That is the only way this awesome game could get better

Truly a masterpiece

Accidentally bought it but was not disappointed! It follows you, as a game developer, as you progress from working from your garage to a multi-million dollar company. It progresses through the different eras of video games in chronological order. I love talking about video games with my friends and I would 100% buy this game again! This is, without a doubt, the best mobile game I’ve ever played. I can’t recommend it enough!

10/10 but...

First off, this is a great game!! It may be pricey for a mobile game, but is worth it! I think a few more things should be added to put the icing on the cake. Such as the ability to price your games, more topics, create add-ons/ DLC, and research more genres.

Freakin Amazing!

This game is my all time favorite tycoon game. I in fact completed this game months back and everything was very great. My only complaint is that there are a few console missing.(Example, the Atari brand) But that doesn’t bother me a lot. I hope you guys keep making more awesome tycoon games. Thank you!

This game is great

This game is really fun. It shows you the challenge of making games and getting a good review score. Although, I do think the algorithm for making a game is weird. It is also really hard to make a good game. This game also turned out to have an ending which I didn't know. After a while, the game loses it steam, and it gets frustrating when you have to pay the bank. Although. I think this game is be of the best I've played though, because of how you have to think about what factors go into what genre of game, and when you get a 10/10, the accomplishment is beautiful.

Fun with a lot of replay value

I want to start by saying anyone who has posted a negative review about not understanding the game are simply lazy and shouldn’t be taken into consideration as a review. The tips and instructions are on screen and in the settings menu and I was able to figure how pretty quickly what I needed to do. With that out of the way, this game is a blast. I would gladly pay for new content or a sequel. My only complaint is that I wish the progression was slower and that there were a few more events. I’ve already replayed it 6 times and will probably continue to do so in the future. Thanks for a great game!

Great game, but no end goal and repetitive

I’ve played both the mobile and pc versions now, and I had the game for 2 years. But after about 4 play throughs if the game, the game is basically the same thing over and over again. Also, there is no point in moving up studios, because there is no real end or story. With that said, the game is fun the first and second time. WORTH A BUY? I’d say so if you are willing to do something over and over.

So much choices!

Love how much choices you get. You can even edit the game and basically make it yourself!

Game Dev Tycoon

I have been playing this game for about a hour now, and it is so much fun.

Great with some ideas.

I just bought this game today and I’m already hooked! I don’t know why I didn’t buy it sooner. This game is amazing and I love every aspect of it. One Idea i have is you should add a difficulty rating. Like if you choose easy then stuff is cheaper or you make more money per game. Reviews and high star ratings are easy to get. Normal would be the way the game is now at its normal pace. And hard difficulty would be for the people who want a challenge. Stuff is more expensive or you make less money. Reviews and high star ratings are tougher and you really have to focus and work hard to make it big in the game. That’s my only idea for the game. Besides that the game is amazing and I’m happy I bought it. Definitely worth the money. Keep up the good work guys. Amazing 5/5 stars earned.

5 or 4

The game plays well, and effectively simulates taking a stab in the dark (military+simulation=I’m still around?) while sort of knowing what you’re doing as you put games together. Still, as The Completionist said, I have to wear two hats for this one. As someone who wants to be a video game designer more than almost anything, being able to play through video game history is a 5 to 6 star experience. On the other hand, I don’t know how interesting that would be without my “I love everything about this topic” glasses on. It’s a good chance to take, but I don’t know the answer to that one. Still, I don’t feel like taking a star away when it doesn’t do anything wrong, and I’m enjoying it, so it may not be a LEGEN...dary 5, but it’s a 5 nonetheless. :)

Best game ever

I was a little hesistent before but this game is worth your money it’s addicting and fun for all ages GET THIS GAME

Game Dev Tycoon is better

I don’t know why there is such a learning curve to this game. I’ve tried following guides and I still fail. This game isn’t fun if I’m making bad games all the time. There is no difficulty levels. At least Game Dev Tycoon felt like you could grow as a game company and have fun. Don’t have time to waste on a game where I’m constantly struggling, I have life to do that for me.

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