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Love it hope they add more to it

I bought the pc version 3 years ago and fell in love, play it over 200 hours without mods. When I heard they ported to the iPhone I was excited to play it again, will all the new add on they gave it I hope they keep adding on to it or release a dlc for it after they get finish with travelers keeps got to get back playing this game but keep up the hard works guys, about to play on hard mode after getting my feet wet again

Need a little more

Don’t get me wrong this game is the best game I have ever played for a very long time, but I believe this game needs a little more like Virtual Reality and could have almost another type of area for it. Everything in this game is amazing but it can always be better.

Best mobile game

Nearly as great as the pc version. My favorite game on mobile.

Fun but Buggy

Enjoyable and fun.. although there are still things I want to be changed, but there’s one thing that gets on my nerve about this game. While I play the game I would get off. Sometimes it would either delete my save or give me a different one. This happened to me twice and for both of them I had over 500M and Would not like to loose all that.

Great Gameplay

This game has a lot to offer and is exactly what I was looking for. Full support to the Developers of this game!!

Great Game!

In addition to be a flat out fun game, it teaches some basic concepts of business which in my opinion is fantastic

AMAZING!!! but....

Hello, I’m just another buyer of this game and I have to say I love the game to almost the fullest degree with all the old systems and all.. my game experience has been great but one thing throws me off... the monthly costs... even though the game progresses fast it may sometimes get a little hard to stay off the bankruptcy path due to how every thirty seconds to a minute the monthly costs comes in. So maybe slowing the cost time or adding a sandbox mode would be great and make my view of the game a 11 of 10!!!

For the love of the game

This game is not for people who don’t love strategy games. There is a lot of grinding and making decisions based on trial and error and knowledge of gaming history. No fancy graphics just plain basic fun.

A bit quick

First go with it and the advancements move a bit quick but very entertaining

A fun time killer and wonderful masterpiece of a game

What it says

This is the worst game I have ever encountered

1. Game is disrespectful to its payers.... Play for hours only to have the game bankrupt me for one miss click. No respect for players time 2. The pace is just wrong. Feels like the game is stuck on fast forward... that’s not a game element that’s just bad game design. 3. Lacks basic elements like the ability to cancel a task or change anything... playing “Gotcha” with players is not a valid game, it’s just god awful game design. I think perhaps this developer should learn how to make a game before trying to make a game about making games.... In the end I wasted a few hours on this. Deleted it and demanding my money back... I don’t want to be supporting this developer. “Gotcha” has no place in a game and making it a key element of game play make this the worst game I have ever played.

To munch bugs

It has so much BUGS and I had to restart my game all because it glitch because I needed three employees to publish but I dont even have time to get get another employee

Great and Addicting

Just as good as the PC version. I wish the UI was a little more modern looking like the PC version, though.

Awesome game

I am really loving the game so far and look forward to any new games you may release!

Well done

I loved this game on steam, and discovering a mobile version was a treat. The mobile experience seems a bit better than PC to be honest, and the price is half of what I paid a few years ago on Steam...and I got it on sale! What a deal.

Absolutely Wonderful

Not much no say other than fun and well designed!

Amazing game!!

I bought this on pc on steam when it released and put in tons of hours. And now it’s on mobile and I’m in love again. And love the improvements since I played it then. It’s like it was always meant to be on mobile. You guys rock!! I really hope and look forward to your next game guys!! If you like simulation games like this, it’s like a fine aged wine where the others are just box wine lol.


Takes sometime for things to get going but ounce it starts it’s really addicting

Fun but hard

This game is fun but the second bailout is literally impossible to get past everything else is fun as heck

Fun and well made

I can play it for hours or minutes. Great game!

Great casual game

Great to play when winding down for the night.

Great game

I have played this game for like 3 hours straight it is so fun


This game is the best 5.00 I could of spent like YouTuber’s life but cheaper amazing

A perfect adaptation with potential

Find a way to incorporate mods please.


For all the glowing reviews, I don’t find this game impressive. It’s shallow; no depth, no strategy and unfortunately I don’t believe I will play it again... so no replay ability either.3 stars for effort I guess. I should have known a thoughtless, light game would get all the popularity while deep, engrossing games are shunned for being to difficult. Oh well. It was alright while it lasted. Edit: it’s bad because once you figure out how to win, that’s it. You’re done. And you figure that out in like half an hour. I can see the appeal. I just don’t see any solid gameplay in there.

Make Money making easier

The game is great I like it but the reviews and making money is hard if you made it easier to get better reviews and more money this game would be Amazing

This game rocks

It’s a game created in a game (creative) It has good mix of strategy and fun (awesome) It gives funny names to everything copyright (killing two birds with one stone)


Great game

This is awesome

Iv loved the pc version,and this improves on it in every way.the new menu design is phenomenal.and with the inclusion of the Switch,it’s even better.and one more thing ...ITS PORTABLE!


I had the demo on my laptop and decided to get the full for my phone and it exceeded my expectation


Great game absolutely love it but not for people who don’t like realistic games

Love it

Ive restarted a few times but im not discouraged from playing. I love this game sooo much


This is an amazing game and I love playing it all the time! Thank you for spending your time and effort making this game. We really appreciate it!

Reveiw for game dev tycoon

Star games incredible 10 stars Game hero such a great combo of strategy and simulation 10 stars Informed gamer Such an amazing game it’s like a beautiful painting Hay guys I just gotta say I love this game so much keep it up and please add more


👌🏻 Tasty


This game is fun and awesome not to say but extremely hard not to get bankrupt! And I don’t know how to get to the office! Either I’m a noob or this game is way to hard

Best Mobile game ever

I bought the game and at first I went bankrupt like 3 or 4 times but I made one game that got me over 200k and its addicting I named my company aroyaldanielinc. And it just blew up you should definitely get this game.

Amazing game

I played through once so far, and I couldn’t put the game down.

Well Done!!

I love this game. I was addicted from the moment I started. Being able to “develop” your own games and deciding which genres go together is super fun. It’s very easy to control the game but finding the right combinations can be challenging which makes it perfectly addictive. And I love love love that once you buy the game, that’s it. No in app purchases or ads! It’s definitely worth the price paid. Great job!

Need more

Would love it when designing large games that you can add two workers per each development category to enable more features in the game in development. By then most would probably have 6 employed and only putting 3 of them to work on each stage of the large game is limiting

Not fun

Game lost my interest very quickly.

Awesome Game!

A great game. I Love that it’s not pay to win like other games. Just one thing can you make it so you can maybe customize You Dev studio/office.


This is the perfect phone or tablet game. You will never want to stop playing. My only complaint is that you skipped the Atari. Otherwise, this game is a perfect 10. Your life is meaningless unless you own this game.

When A Port Exceeds it’s Source

It’s not often that a company can pull off a good port of an already well polished and successful game. It’s almost unheard of to make the port surpass the original. That’s what happened with Game Dev Tycoon. The touch interface is perfect for what the game needs, more so than the keyboard/mouse. It’s buttery smooth, and while graphically simple, it works perfect for the game. While it really doesn’t bring anything new to the genre, it certainly refined the “Tycoon” niche.

Great Game

Need Chinese ver!! No Chinese ver on iOS device but steam :( I don't get it?

I love it but

You should add more updates to the game like make it to where you could get viruses on your computer or make it to where employees might not like to job and quit if either you work them to hard or your not paying enough and you should also add a fast forward button to speed up things


Very fun! Feels quite nostalgic.

Love it!!!

I have this game for my Mac. I love it so much that in also bought it for the iPad.


Game is very low graphics, but high marks on thinking level!!!! A+++++ Can’t wait for sequel!!!

Only Game Worth Spending $5 On

“Game Dev Tycoon” is some of the most fun I’ve ever had playing a mobile game. The concept is brilliant, the replay-ability is huge, and the feeling you get when you make a 10/10 game is awesome. It can feeling overwhelming at times - especially in later levels when you are offered dozens of engine and research options - but it only makes the risk/reward gameplay that much better. Overall, this game is downright fantastic. Please make more games just like this! A film production company, maybe? Full review coming to early April 2018!

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