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No refunds

Wanted a 0.99 game but ended up with a 4.99 game. There were no refunds. Want my money back.


I’ve played similar game but this one takes it to the next level. It fun, simple and doesn’t require a attention every 5 seconds. I like to play a game when I want not when the game wants me too. Great game to pass time!!!

i am speechless.

you guys are amazing... amazing....

Great game!

I’ve been waiting for a long time for this game to get ported to mobile. I will say, I’m definitely not disappointed! This is a great port of the game and I’ll be putting in a lot of hours into it! Thank you Greenheart Games for making one of my favorite games!

Good game.. just one problem

It’s an amazing game, but I just recently had an issue where I paid my bailout from the bank and It deducted multiple times till I went bankrupt.. I wish to see that be fixed but other than that great game

Loved it!

I also have this game on my computer and it overall is a very fun game to pass the time👍

Development inception

There's a lot to say about a game this simple. The gameplay is great, it's reminiscent of Game Dev Story in a lot of ways yet different. It's perfect for mobile devices, especially the iPad. It runs great, has no bugs that I've seen and plays amazingly through iCloud. Greenheart did an amazing job bringing the PC game to mobile devices and along the way updating the game and adding features. A lot of the time with indie games, they make the initial game and maybe some patches and wipe their hands of it; Not Greenheart. Not only did they port the game to iOS and Android, they did it brilliantly and updated the and with new content along the way. It isn't the usual cash grab of throwing a game on more platforms for extra money. They care about the community and care about the game in a way not many studios do. Usually reviews are just about the game but I felt this needed to be said about the game and company behind it as a whole. They have and are doing an amazing job and I can see myself continuing to play this game for years to come. Thank you Greenheart!



Best game ever

Just best game ever ok bye

Really addicting

Once you have a hit game you’re stuck where you sit for at least an hour. It’s really fun. Also devs please add more future consoles. Thanks

Love it!

Loved playing on the computer and glad it’s here too. Switch port maybe?

Had to give a review

This game is awesome. It's rare that a phone game has me hooked. After I downloaded I was like 15 minutes late for a date I had lol

9 (Almost Perfect)

I love this game, perfect for long car rides or just when you have free time. Well worth the 5 dollars!

This is my favorite game of all time

I don’t know i fell in love with the concept at first i “acquired” the game by other means on pc and when i went bankrupt for the first time i fell in love and ended up buying it for me and some of my friends its a game i always come back to when i want to pass the time must buy imo

This Game is awesome but pls add more stuff

Please add more things for the people who decide to continue playing ,


This game is a really, really good game! I love how you can stomp out bugs by waiting after the dev stages are done! Thank you!!! I have not found any bugs (in the tycoon, not during development) yet. This game stands out, I don’t usually write reviews!

Would recommend

Fun Game, great difficulty level.


Amazing game, very well done. It had a little message from the developers that was a brilliant touch and I can’t wait to see more from them!

Loving it!

This is so good! It’s the best simulation game I’ve ever played, and I’ve played soooooooo many! It’s so well worth the money! It’s a little hard though. But it can be very good!

Love it!

I’ve got this game on my pc and got this for my iPad for a roadtrip. This game is just as good as it is on pc other than no mod support.


Great game, it’s really fun trying to figure out how to make the best game and market it to the people

Great game, but maybe difficulty options?

The game is awesome. The gameplay is smooth, and easy to understand. Well worth 5 dollars in my opinion, so I would recommend! However, time goes by pretty quick, and your money even quicker. Not to mention that the ratings on your games are almost luck based. I think maybe there should be difficulty selections. For example, Easy difficulty being consumers are more willing to buy the games you develop, and high ratings are a little easier to obtain. Otherwise, great game. It’s worth every single penny, and the developers did a great job with this game!

Amazing game

I love this game you make your company you make the games it’s so fun and also so hard to explain just get it.

After 20+ hrs, crashes on open

Inexplicably, the app started crashing on launch after over 20 hrs of play. 1 star until it's resolved :(

Best Sim I’ve played in a long time

I saw ProJared’s Let’s Play of Game Dev Tycoon and stopped watching 5 min in to download it and play it myself. I’ve been marathoning it for the last 2 days and am about to start my 3rd playthrough. A wonderful timesucker and surprisingly challenging and thought out.

Best Game

This game is so fun! The story goes for a pretty long time. I’ve already finished it twice though so can you add more? Thanks

Wow I’m surprised

The best game ever for 5 bucks

So addicting, I love it!

It’s worth the 5$

Great game

This game is going great. You may ask is it worth the money? 1000 percent

All and all good

It’s a good game one of the best mobile game apps I’ve ever played in style and genre would be even better if it had a little more open minded to the player letting the players pick names for the games and have more freedom for signing contracts with bigger Company of his/her own choice but other then that it’s one of the best games I’ve ever played I could play it all day.

More Content or Sequel Please, I love it!

Well this game is outstanding, but I’m not forcing you to do a sequel quickly, maybe take some time Greenheart.


Muito bom to viciado

Great Game!

This game is amazing, but I do have one issue. When they are patching the bugs you can’t use a boost for the employee on the bottom left

Very human experience

Well, I first have to say that this game is in many ways quite similar to Game Dev Story... but with that potential liability dealt with, I am enjoying Game Dev Tycoon immensely. It is a human game—I feel a connection to its creators and to creators of games the world over. Thank you!


Love it

So nice I bought it twice!!

So, what I mean by buying it twice, I own it on PC through Steam and loved it SO MUCH that when I heard it was on iPad, I HAD to have it! GreenHeartGames owns my heart and I look forward to their games. Such an awesome game guys and I’m so very proud of what you’ve accomplished! You’d be a fool not to buy this game! It’s $5, which is so cheap for a game like do yourself a favor and buy it.


I played a lot of this game on my pc, but I think it’s even better suited to iOS. So good.

Simple fun

Great intuitive interface. Easy to play. Hard to put down. Perfect for killing time during boring meetings or uninspired dates! 😁

Works well on phone

Own this on pc as well, and was pleasantly surprised how well it works on phone. Some of the things actually work better on phone. Skipping text is faster, you see the benefits of conferences, and swiping between r&d and development works smooth. The game is still great, so much so I bought it twice

A rare gem

This is a great game on PC and it transfers flawlessly onto mobile, it is rare to find such a well developed good experience on a mobile platform. I love this game.

Love it!

Great game for iOS. Hopefully their Tavern game gets the same treatment when it gets released this year.

Worth it

I got it yesterday and I spent all day playing it today! Definitely worth the money and not overpriced. It is like my dream game!

Best Phone Game EVER!!!

Amazing game. Hard, but Fair. Best phone game ever. Get it now. But plz tell me how to make custom consoles. Idk how to. Sincerely, Gameboy527 Edit: A Bit To Easy To Lose Money. PLZ Add Easy Mode. Still The Best Phone Game.

This is awesome it is so challenging and inspirational!

This is awesome it is so challenging and inspirational!

Good game

I really like it but it should be easier to win

Worth it

I am pretty against paying for games on my phone, but a friend let me play this before, and I think this is actually one of the few games on the App Store that is actually worth a purchase.

Very addictive

Your will just play it for days!


I use to hate this game but now I find it very fun and addicting


This is a great game and you should definitely buy it, if its what you want, of course.


It runs smooth as silk and is one of the most addictive and fun mobile games I’ve ever played.

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