Game Dev Tycoon App Reviews

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Excellent and incredible

A truly polished experience; definitely feels like it was made for mobile

Unplayable on iPad Air ops 11.0

Long boot time and crashes when typing in the name of the game you are creating. what a waste. Of $5 for a game that isn’t playable


The game is just like it sounds, a tycoon game. Tycoon games have been around for a long time now and have always reminded me of my childhood and playing this game has kept the tradition going strong. I also want to say that I got a thank you from the devs of the game, I’m sure it goes to everyone but it was very sincere and a personal touch I enjoyed. Stay classy game developers.

Great just like on pc but could add to

I bought this game on the PC but I like to play games as I just chill in my bed, so when I saw they finally ported this to mobile I was excited. The only reason it gets a 4 instead of a 5 is I was hoping that more systems where added and other stuff like price of your games. other then that great it’s worth $5 for sure.


Ok let me just say I am addicted to this game. Ok now for really just the best part. I was struggling I had (and still do have) one employee, we make alright games. Just about 5 mins before I start wring this review, I researched the game type Evolve. Me being me I could not come up with a good name, but eventually I decided on Evolve Dildos. Now let me just say I am no longer struggling... and it was rated a perfect 10 and was #1 on the top charts (apparently). Well let’s be honest though, I never got that before and now I can say that dildos have saved me. Just a mere mention of them— something I wasn’t going to do— saved my company Shitz and Gigglez.

It won’t let me switch the side that I want to play on

It won’t flip sides


I have been looking for a game like this for ages and I’m so glad I finally found it, keep up the great work!

Go bankrupt easily

One I’m playing Om going bankrupt. Time is going too fast. I need to pay less. Suggestions. Very hard I can’t complete the game. About 100,000 years to beat.

Great game

Amazing but the sliders are frustrating.


Reviews for Game Dev Tycoon: Star Games 10/10 “Outstanding achievement.” Informed Gamer 10/10 “Everyone loves it!” Game Hero 10/10 “One of the best.” All Games 10/10 “More please.”

Good game

This is a really good game for killing time and having fun

Good but not worth $5

The game idea is good but the execution could be better. What I was expecting from a game called “Game Dev Tycoon” is a game where you basically start out with nothing and eventually make more games and earn more money, but for $5, I want more. The game says that the story goes for 35 years, but that really isn’t a long time. One week goes by in less than 7 seconds. I also feel like the gameplay and options are limited. You just choose the game topic, genre, systems available, side of game, and the graphics. Then you just set up your staff to do specific things throughout. At the end, you release the game and see the reviews. Then you see how your game did. You do this for the whole game. The game systems stop coming out when you reach the end of year 34. For a $5 game, I think that there should be more options. Like when I think of the name “tycoon”, I think of being able to open multiple companies. What I think would be good is if you could make several different companies to mimic real life companies such as Bethesda, Ubisoft, and EA. It would be cool to make your own companies and control the gaming world. Like you could start out the same as all of the companies and each make your own games and companies, and then when your ready, you can buy them for a couple million dollars. That way, you could make games with each company. Also, it would be fun if you had more advanced options, such as changing the price of your games in order to cope with changes in the economy. I think it would be cool to mandate your games very closely, like collectibles and things to help the game sell faster, like adding pre-order options. All I’m saying is that for a game like this where you replay gaming history, it should be more realistic. There should be more updates to add more console systems and upgrades. Right now, on one of my accounts, I already beat the game and am on year 200. I have a full team of staff, a R&D Lab, and Hardware Lab, both which have a budget of 2 million dollars per month. I’m not sure why I still play in that game, because there’s nothing new to do. I already researched everything available and have more than ten thousand research points. I think that there should be more research available to do. All I’m saying is that for a game that costs $5, there should be more stuff to do and more options. I hope the people who made this game can read this review and consider my ideas. If you read all of this, then thank you.


This was surprising, to say the least. I stumbled upon this in my search to find a nice game for IOS that wouldn’t bore me almost immediately, and I fell in love right away with this little gem. The concept is so simple, and yet I can’t help but get sucked into the process of creating games and catering to the mass’ interests. It isn’t easy, either—you have to pay attention and make your choices wisely so you get a better rating. Anything below five, and you lose fans. So many new concepts that can be discovered each time you level up. It’s almost like if you were a famous game developer! Really great job on this, I’m enjoying it a lot.

Good gqme

I have it on pc too. Its fun

love it

amazing has i am a self taught game director it’s like i’m actually making games, would be cool if there was a legit system on here we’re real companies could see are work and possibly cantact real work through here, but it’s a great game

Great game

Well thought out game simulator. Love it. Worth the cost!

Addicting and Sweet

This game is somehow very endearing and feels like gambling with no bad consequence. I enjoy naming the games ridiculous puns. You can cheat on this game and it is still pretty fun. This game can be easily enjoyed alone OR with friends. It takes up almost no space on my phone and the UX is great. There is the right mix of creativity and mindlessness and I love playing this in class instead of paying attention at school. I do prefer the desktop version but the graphics on mobile are a little bit cuter and the topics have been updated. This is worth $5 imo and is more fun than the fancy RPG games with all kinds of graphics and controls and scenery. Did I mention it’s adorable? Sorry for gushing. Bye.

Love this game

Second time buying this and not even mad about it. So happy i can take this on the go now.

Game On!- Review

Simulation games have interestingly grown in recent years, and since the day this game was released years ago- I’ve been a fan! It’s a gem of a game that deserves love on any platform for any game enthusiast, and fits almost perfectly on to this platform. I was expecting some hiccups to appear during gameplay as I experienced on the PC, but I was surprised! Running smoother, and naturally to mobile devices: It’s worth the small price for a game that anyone can easily get their monies worth. That being said, game on and enjoy being a game dev tycoon!

Worth the work

Game consistently crashes on launch after purchase, and requires some tampering with your phone settings in order to get it working. The fix isn’t complicated, but it would be nice if the publishers put a warning or made the fix more obvious. As of now you have to navigate to their website to find it. After you get it going however, it is a great game. The mechanics in game are fun, allowing you to discover different combinations including game topic, genre, platform, etc. and the best choices to make a hit game aren’t obvious and require some logic and guesswork. If anything my only complaint is that it can get too complicated as you start to hire employees and develop larger games, but it does get simpler and easier to understand the more you play, and once you finish you can restart as it has a lot of replay value. Easily worth $5.


Way better then actually making games i have tried lol

Maor Shwartz

I was never playing 3 hours in a row any game before this one. It’s truly a fantastic game. Thank you guys!!!❤️

It’s like the best game

I love games and I want to be a game designer wen I grow up

I don’t normal buy games.

But I seen it in a YouTube video, download it and now I can’t stop. GREST GAMES!!!!!👍

Awesome Game

If you’re the creative sort and would like to see what it’s like to fill the shoes of a game developer, than this is definitely a must buy. No problems so far and it’s a load of fun. Props to the developers.



Loved this game

Great game, my only criticism would be that there's not enough management elements. Everything else though I felt was extremely good. Bravo guys 👏👏👏can't wait to see what else you put out in the future.

Wish I could give 6 stars

It was amazing!! At first I was just a little lost but once you start to understand it’s so addictive. I was so sad when I hit the 35 year mark but I understand there’s not much more to add after that but now I feel like there’s no reason to continue lol. But it was overall a wonderful and very enjoyable game.

Finally on mobile

This port is fantastic. I loved this game on my Mac, and this port is everything I loved about the desktop version but smaller. Really easy to learn this game but tough to master. Touch controls are excellent. I love this game.

Lame ripoff of a game.

The developers just took game dev story, ripped it off, copied almost all the game mechanics, removed everything that made the original fun, and republished it so they can make money off someone else’s work.


It is rare I find a game that fills me with such genuine and uncompromised enjoyment. Absolutely worth playing.

Excellent and Addictive game

I originally played the PC version and became hooked! I played through it three times and found each one enjoyable. When I heard this one was out in mobile form, I had to give it a try. I have played Game Dev Story as well, and while that game is fun for a bit, it felt much more formulaic then Game Dev Tycoon, which I believe was released first. The redesign to mobile that the developers did plays well in my iPhone 6S. I can tell that thought was given to how it would look and feel as opposed to being rushed. The other part about this game that I love is Greenheart Games stance against “Pay to Play” or “In-App” purchases. When you buy it, you get the whole thing and are never pestered with advertising or nudged to buy anything additional in the game. It’s not the most profitable model of game anymore, but it makes the overall experience so much more enjoyable in my opinion. It’s an all around great game and worth the money.

I am requesting a refund

I can’t stress enough about the way the game I create always gets four stars or less. For once in my life I would like to have a better rating than four stars. I try every genre and a good selection, and everything is put perfectly and still no difference. Why does it cost so much too? I would like a refund please. Respond please, telling me how to get a refund from this game.

Worth the buy

I usually don’t spend money on mobile games but I bought this. Since the second it downloaded I didn’t put it down for hours. Best tycoon game I’ve played on mobile. 10/10 would recommend. If there is one thing that can be changed is it to add more end game features.

Golden Bear inc.

Love this game! Used the same company name since the pc version so glad it's on the phone now!

Knockoff of Game Dev Story

This is literally the same game as Game Dev Story by Kairosoft that came out in 2010.


I absolutely love this game! It’s so interesting and fun! Definitely worth a buy!

Unreal App

This game is unbelievably fun and addicting. The creators very obviously took great pride in their product- the quality is absurd. I'm so happy that I've finally found an app that doesn't try to monetize the gameplay. I won't hesitate to buy all future games from this developer.

Strategy Made Simple and Fun

Easy to pick up and learn with a lot of strategy and depth lurking beneath the surface. Fun game with a lot of replay value trying different combinations of games. I’m having a blast after an hour or so into my first few games.


What do the percentages by additional features mean?? Like when you’re assigning people to focus on aspects of the game? Need to know asap, seems critical. Also please let us pause the game!!

#want my money back


More character features

I really liked it! I like how you have a whole bunch of options and the part where you choose the platforms is awesome!!! The only thing i didn’t like was that you dont have a whole lot of character options! But all in all i just started so im kinda a noob but try to play everyday!

Love it

Okay this game is phenomenal but I think that you could maybe turn it to where you can create other type of gaming items like headsets keyboard computers consoles. That would be really cool and again I love this game!!! :D


Thank you for letting me have this game! Best game ever!!!!!

I Hate This Feature


Buy this gam

If you like games that you can relax and have fun this is the gam for you

Can't stop

I love this game is definitely worth the 5 bucks.

Great but sometimes doesn't save

I love this game but sometimes I put hours into one and it doesn't save. I'm connected to WiFi find too PLZ FIX!!!!!!

Love it!

I love how this version has all the benefits of the first one from Steam, but with extra things added to it.



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